Enterprise Class Business Management Platform


2.1        Returns

Customers can request returns from the Web Store, ecommerce store front end, or you can request a return for the customer in the CRM application's Orders tab. Returns can only be created for orders in the system.

When creating a return in the CRM system, you can set whether the items are to be refunded or given a store credit. You can also control whether to refund or credit shipping charges and adjustments. The system will perform an automatic check to make sure that this return credit or refund, plus past return credits or refunds, do not exceed the value of the original order. Once a return is created, a supervisor with special privileges in CRM must approve the return.

Process: Create Returns

  • Create a Return from the order for which the customer wants to return products
    • Select the items that the customer want to return
    • Select the refund mechanism (money refund, store credit, or replacement order)
  • Accept / Reject the return
  • Receive returned product into the inventory
  • Complete the refund process:issue refund, store credit or the replacement order.

Create a New Return

  • Open the Order for which you want to create a Return
  • Click: [Create Return]
  • This will open up the Return Items form with the list of products in the Order.
  • Return Qty: Enter the quantity against each product that the customer would want to return.
  • Return Price: Enter return price is it’s different from order price.
  • Reason: Select customer’s reason for return.
  • Type: Select the type of return
    • Refund : if the returned item amount will be refunded to the customer
    • Store Credit: if the returned item amount will be if given to the customer as store credit that you can use for future purchases.
    • if you would like to create a replacement order for the returned products. If you select replacement as the type of return, it will automatically create a replacement order and link the item(s) in the original order with the new replacement order.
  • Item Status: Select the item status.
  • Include?: Select the checkbox against the items that the customer wants to return
  • Return Order Adjustment(s): These included adjustments like taxes, shipping charges. Enter the amount and the type of refund for each of these adjustments and select the checkbox against them to include the adjustment in the refund
  • Manual Return Adjustment: this include adjustments like as a restocking fee, enter the amount of such adjustment. If you are charging a fee you must enter a negative amount, for example -10.00.
  • Click [Return Selected Item(s)] at the bottom.

Accept / Reject Return

This opens the "Return Details" Screen where you can review your entries, and can edit the general information at the top using [Submit] to save the results. If the customer already has a financial or a billing account with you, the same will show up a dropdown. The Return Status is now changed to "Requested". The Return can be Accepted or Rejected

Review the return information and return Items, make the necessary updated. Once done,  

  • To Reject a return, change the Status to
  • To Accept a return, click on [Accept Return] to proceed with the return

Receive Returns

The Return status now changes to “Accepted”. You can now either schedule the shipment pickup or directly review the returns in the facility.

The system automatically creates an incoming shipment record that can be used to schedule the return shipment. Click on [Shipment ID xxx] to view and manage the return shipment details

Once the items have been physically received in the facility, click the [Receive Return] link to receive the products. This takes you to the facility’s Receive Returns screen. Select the items and its corresponding quantities. Click the [Receive Selected Product(s)] to confirm the item receipt into the facility and complete the return. This also changed the Return status to Completed.

If you selected to use manual steps in refunding some amounts to your customer, then the Return Details Screen will display a [Force Complete] button. You would use this if you issued a manual refund check to your customer, for example.

* Click: [Force Complete] when you have completed the manual steps and wish to change the Return Status to "Completed"

Once the return is in Received status, a credit memo is created automatically. The credit memo is a financial record of the return items which are received; similar to the way an invoice is a financial record of order items which are shipped.

If you have selected Store Credit as the Return type, DWA Commerce will create a Financial Account and issue the store credit to customer for the return amount

Customer Returns via Web Store

If an order has not been packed for shipment yet, then the Customer can cancel the order, or line items in the order via the Web Store [Order History] button on the header line at the top of the Store pages.

Each order line item has a three buttons on the "Order History" page for this:

  • [Reason]
  • [Comment]
  • [Cancel]

If the order has already shipped, the Customer cannot cancel through their Web Store order history page, instead they must contact the Store by phone or other means to request Cancellation processing. This is necessary to permit coordination of a return authorization, to schedule the return shipping, and possibly to initiate other manual processing.