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Bespoke Products & Services

Craft personalized products for your customers - Bespoke as well as Made to Measure

Offer personalizes fashion and apparel products to your customers. While you focus on designing the products for your individual customers; DWA Commerce will helps you plan and cost the product in addition to tracking the entire production life cycle of the product.

Bespoke Fashion

Crafting personalized product for your customers? DWA Commerce helps you create personalized product for your customers on the fly and capture customer measurements / specifications. You also get the capability to create the personalized product's Bill of Material, Cost Price, Sales price as well as track the product through its production life cycle; and a lot more...

Made to Measure

Allow your shoppers to personalize products to taste. eg for a Shirt, choose Collar style, Cuff style, Placket Style, Pockets, Buttons, etc. Got more ideas ? Sure, if you can Think of it, we can deliver it.

Production Process

With DWA Commerce you can define your unique production processes with various production steps involved. You can then track the product through its productions life cycle.


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