Enterprise Class Business Management Platform

Working with Products

Listing and Searching Products

To list all products of the system:

  • Go to the Catalog Module of the DWA commerce Backend web application.

  • Click on the Products submenu to open the Catalog > Products page.
  • To search for a product, enter your search criteria (any combination of the following) in the search-options section to limit the search results:
    • Product ID
    • Name (i.e., name of the product)
    • Internal Name
    • Brand Name
    • IS PRODUCT VIRTUAL? - select Y for yes and N for No.
    • IS VARIANT PRODUCT? - select Y for yes and N for No.

  • Once you have entered the search data, click the Find button.
  • If your credentials are valid, you will get matches in the search results section.
  • You can click on the Product Name link to open the product profile.