Enterprise Class Business Management Platform



In the Catalog Manager, a product is an item that is either for sale or that you purchase for the company's use in resale or consumption. The Catalog Manager provides a page for defining each product, plus an extensive set of tabed pages that further describe how the business deals with that particular product.

There are several distinct types of products that are handled by the DWA Commerce system in unique ways:

  • Physical products are items that require inventory and shipping, such as books or clothes.
  • Virtual products are abstract items that you can purchase after specifying items like the size, color, or other details, which then define the actual physical item that is delivered. The abstract Virtual item will have a set of Features defined for use in specifying the exact physical item to be sold. Thus the underlying Virtual Product has no inventory, but when further defined by the features it points to a Physical items which does have inventory.
  • Digital products are like music downloads or electronic book downloads, which can be fulfilled over the internet and have no inventory other than their master digital file(s) which are stored somewhere.
  • Configurable products are products that must be defined during the ordering process, based upon a predefined set of components available in various forms, some of which are required and some of which may be optional. An example would be a personal computer with configurations for the RAM memory, the disk drive, and several other components.
  • Service products are services that are delivered as the performance of a task, procedure, or work effort agreement that often has a specific product description, price, and agreement regarding terms of service. Examples of this kind of service product include equipment maintenance or repair, a landscaping contract, or a personal service agreement.

DWA Commerce supports:

  • Standard products that do not have any variants. For example, a Model M Mobile phone of X Brand.
  • Variant products with features like color, size, model, make, etc. For example, a Shirt of color Blue and size XL.
  • Digital products

With DWA Commerce, you don't have any limitation on the number of products that you can create. You can also have the same product added to multiple categories in the catalog.