Enterprise Class Business Management Platform

Request for Quote

There are business scenarios where customer may ask for special pricing for let’s say bulk quantities. The customers may in this case submit a request directly (using the WebFront) or indirectly (thought email, fax, phone, etc.). With DWA Commerce’s Request for Quote feature, you can manage your customer’s requests though it’s entire lifecycle: from Request to Quote to Order.

Use this tab to create and manage Requests for Quote.

Search Requests

Leave all fields bland and Click [Find] button to search all “Requests for Quote”.

Alternatively enter the data in the Search Options sections fields to filter and click [Find] to narrow down your search results.

Create a New Request for Quote

Click the [New Request] link to open the Request screen. Enter:

  • Requesting Party: Enter / select the customer party ID making the request.
  • Request Date: Enter / Select the date on which the customer made the request
  • Response Required Date: Enter/ Select the date by which you need to respond to the customer
  • Cust Request Name: Give a name (brief descriptions)to the customer request
  • Product Store: Select the product store for which he made the request.
  • Sales Channel: Select one of sales channel
  • Fulfill Contact Id: Enter the employee party id who will be responsible to respond to the request
  • Currency: Select the currency applicable.
  • Internal Comment: Enter any comments / notes you would want to make
  • Description: enter the descriptions of the request.
  • Cust Sequence Num: Enter an optional customer sequence number { enter numeric values only}
  • Parent Cust Request Id: Enter / Select an existing Request that want to associate the new request to

Edit Request for Quote

Once the request has been saved, it will open the Request for Quote in the Edit mode. In addition to editing the request data, use this screen to:-

Manage Roles

To add a role, go to the Roles section:

  • Party Id: Select the party that would be associated with the Request.
  • Role Type: Select from the following roles
    • Requesting Party : party that’s requesting the roles
    • Order Agent: Employee ID responsible for creating and managing the order.
    • Request Taker: Party ID of the Employee taking the customer request
    • Request Manager: party id of the manager supervising the request.
  • From Date: The date from which this role is effective.
  • Thru Date: the date through which this role is effective.

To edit a role:

  • Enter / Change the Thru Date and click [Update] button.

To delete a role

  • Click the [Delete] button against the role you want to delete.

Add Request Items

Use Request Items section to add and manage items requested by the customer. To add a new request item:

  • Status ID: Select the status of the requested item
  • Required By Date: Date by which the item / product is required
  • Product Id: Select the ID of the product requested
  • Quantity: quantity requested
  • Description: Optional descriptions

Add Content

You can also attach documents to requests e.g. documents shared by customer, fax received etc.

  • Content Type Id: select the content type from the dropdown.
  • Status ID: Select the status
  • Mime Type Id: Select the mime type ID if you are aware of it, else leave blank
  • Click the [Upload] button to select the document and upload the file.