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A Comprehensive Guide to Customizing and Using the Dine in POS Application

Here is a detailed guide on how to use the Dine in POS application and customize its settings to suit your business needs. This tutorial covers various aspects of the application, including general settings, printer settings, store configuration, and order history. Let's explore the features and functionality of the Dine in POS application.

Part 1: General Settings

  1. Accessing the Settings Menu:

    • To access the settings menu, click on the settings icon located in the application's header (represented by three dots on the right side of the screen).
    • From the settings menu, select the "Settings" option.
  2. General Settings:

    • The general settings allow you to customize the appearance and behavior of the application.
    • Customize the display of product names, images, or both in the product listing.
    • Adjust the application's layout (currently, only the Portrait layout option is available).
    • Choose whether to display the tax ID on receipts.
    • Enable or disable the receipt preview.
    • Set the default item quantity added to the cart (e.g., 1 or ask for quantity).
  3. Utilizing the Default Item Quantity Feature:

    • When using the default item quantity feature, you'll be prompted to enter the quantity of a product each time it's added to the cart.
    • To use this feature, navigate to the main page of the POS application and click on the desired product.
    • Enter the desired quantity and click "Add to Cart" to include the product with the specified quantity.
  4. Sending Receipts via WhatsApp:

    • To send a copy of the receipt to the customer's WhatsApp, enable the "Send Receipt to WhatsApp" checkbox.
    • Note: The customer must be added to the application to receive the receipt copy.
  5. Adjusting the Number of Dishes Displayed in a Row:

    • You can customize the number of dishes displayed in a row.
    • Simply enter the desired number and click "Save" to apply the changes.

Part 2: Printer Settings

  1. Adding a New Printer:

    • To add a new printer, click on the printer button in the Printer column.
    • Select the printer type (e.g., Epson).
    • Provide a name for the printer (e.g., Printer1).
    • Enter the printer's IP address.
    • Choose the printer series from the available options.
    • Select the language type (e.g., AK).
    • Click "Save Printer" to add the new printer.
  2. Managing Printers:

    • The Printer column displays all the printers added to the application.
    • To delete a printer, click on the delete icon next to the printer's name.
    • To edit a printer's settings and information, click on the edit icon (pen inside a square).

Part 3: Print Queue and Store Configuration

  1. Print Queue:

    • In the Print Queue column, select the master printer.
    • Enable the kitchen order ticket functionality and assign different printers to specific counters or areas in your store.
    • For example, designate printers for the snack counter, North Indian aisle, and South Indian aisle.
    • The receipts will be printed on the designated printer based on the transaction location.
  2. Store Configuration:

    • In the Store column, enter your store's name.
    • Select the desired store to log into within the POS application.
    • Enter the valid login details, including URL, username, password, and customer ID.
    • Click "Save" to apply the changes and access the desired store within the POS application.
  3. Order History:

    • The Order History option provides a comprehensive list of all previous orders placed through the application.
    • It helps track sales, customer purchases, and provides insights into your business.
    • View detailed information about each order, including the dishes ordered, total cost, and date of order.
  4. Sign Out:

    • When you're ready to end your current session, click on the Sign Out option.
    • A confirmation window will appear asking if you're sure you want to log out.
    • Choose "Yes" to confirm and log out, or "No" to cancel the logout process.

We hope this comprehensive guide has provided you with valuable insights into using the Dine in POS application and customizing its settings to meet your business requirements. Should you have any further questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to the dwa Commerce support team.

Thank you for choosing dwa Commerce, and we wish you great success in managing your business with the Dine in POS application!