Enterprise Class Business Management Platform

Working With Inventory

Receive Inventory

You can use this tab to receive inventory against a specific order purchase order (with one or more products) or receive inventory of a specific product. Your should start by entering by only of the following


  • Purchase Order Number
  • Product ID


Physical Inventory

We can do physical inventory check against the system inventory count of product. Enter the product id for which inventory check is to be performed. It will list Inventory Lot detail of this product and then you can match the inventory count and if any variation is found feed it in the system so that inventory variation reason and quantity. Enter (-) values for decrease in quantities.

Inventory Transfers

Use this tab to view and manage Inventory transfers within a facility or within multiple facilities.

New Inventory Transfer

Click on the Inventory Transfer on the right of the screen

In the next screen enter the Inventory Lot ID and click [Get Item]

On the transfer record screen, view and confirm the Inventory Lot detail and enter

Transfer status: Select from Requested, Schedule, En-Route, Cancelled or Completed.

Transfer Send Date:

Destination Facility / Container

Location: location where the inventory will be stored in the destination facility

Quantity to Transfer: quantity that needs to be transferred.

Comments: Comment or reference notes.

Click [Transfer] button.


Complete Requested Transfers

Click on the {Complete Requested Transfers} link to view the requested transfers and change their status to Completed.

Click on {Active Only} link to view all the transfer requests that have not yet been completed.

Receive Return

To receive return enter the orderId for which return has been requested and it has been approved in order page