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Creating a New Party

Creating New Party

In DWA Commerce, the term "Party" is used to refer to both organizations and individuals that your business interacts with. Organizations are referred to as "Company" while an individual or person is referred to as a "individual Party". To create a new party, navigate to the "New Party Registration Page" by clicking on the CRM module and then the Main submenu.
CRM > Main

  • Once you are on the New Party Registration Page, you can fill in the fields and create a new party be it as individual or a Company. If you wish to register the party as a company, leave the "Register as an individual" checkbox unchecked.

  • If you want to create the party as an individual, click on the "Register as an individual" checkbox, and you will see the Company Name field replaced by First Name and Last Name fields.

  • Here is the video tutorial that goes into detail on how to create a party.