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Unified B2C and B2B eCommerce Site


With increasing competition and decreasing margins, businesses are looking for new avenues to increase revenue & market share. As a result, a lot of business especially wholesalers and manufacturers are looking to selling directly to businesses as well as consumers, thus the emergence of unified B2C and B2B  E-Commerce portals.

Unified B2C and B2B  E-Commerce portals allow businesses to sell to consumers as well as business users from the same portal: while one gives them scale, the other gives them margins. This comes at the convenience of managing a single portal. 

DWA Commerce offers a feature-rich eCommerce portals that help businesses to sell seamlessly to B2B as well as B2C customer. Businesses can offer differential prices to customers based on segmentation, store credit to B2B customer; fast and convenient purchasing options, support for request to quotes business processes, allows sales teams to assist customers by creating orders on their behalf; and a lot more.

Read more about out B2B features. link to B2B landing page. 

[Visual : customer interaction with multiple channels ]