Enterprise Class Business Management Platform

Point Of Sale

DWA Commerce offers you an Easy to use POS solution that required no special hardware. DWA Commerce POS can conveniently run on any Android devices, including smart phones, tablets as well as full scale Andorid POS terminals. What's more, you can choose to print order receipt to thermal printer as well as simply WhatsApp receipt to your customers.

Mobile POS

Go Mobile with DWA Commerce POS solutions; carry your POS in your pocket and take customer orders anywhere, anytime. All sales information as well inventory updates available real-time via the admin console, so you can track sales and inventory across stores in real-time just as easily.

Queue Buster

Never make you customer wait, do Quicker Checkout with DWA Commerce POS. Get Customers though the check-out lines as quickly as possible. Easily expand checkout counters when store volumes increases and avoid potential loss of loss of sales due to long waits.

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