Enterprise Class Business Management Platform

Product Information Management & Merchandising

Engage customers with rich and consistent product information across every customer touch point of the business.

DWA Commerce enables retailers to better manage, control and perform crucial day to day merchandising activities from new product introduction to automated replenishment to financial inventory valuation. DWA Commerce’s solution facilitates the ability to expand into new channels and provides the foundation for multichannel management. Embedded best practices make this the most comprehensive and integrated solution for global retailing.
Comprehensive support enable customers to easily filter / drill down to product of choice.
Don't get limited by product features like size, color,.. Get the flexibility to define any type of product features.
Bulk Data Upload
Upload large amount of data with the convenience of MS Excel. Enter the data in the predefined format and upload it using the DWA Commerce console.
Make Cross Sell and Up Sell products recommendations using the several predefined categories as well as custom categories.
Get comprehensive support to define pretty much any type of promotion your want to run on the store; create any number of discount coupons
Faceted Search
Empower business users quickly define search facets that can help customer select the product of their choice in a just a few clicks.
Multi Lingual Content
Engage customers in their choice of language with Multilingual Content support
Manage detailed information of product / raw material suppliers for an SKU
Schedule Product Prices, promotions, category association, product go live date and lots more
View and manage comprehensive warehousing and inventory information for SKUs

“…merchandising refers to the variety of products available for sale and the display of those products in such a way that it stimulates interest and entices customers to make a purchase…” DWA Commerce offers a rich and robust tool set to online merchandisers: sophisticated on search engine, product recommendation, product comparisons, reviews and ratings, and a whole lot more. DWA Commerce also offers advanced tools to help “non-technical’ online merchants improve site productivity and getting maximum product engagement, conversion and sales per order.