Enterprise Class Business Management Platform

Order Management

Capture and manage the complete life cycle of your multi-channel demand from offline as well as onsite channels. Go beyond managing your sales; manage your organization's requirements and purchases.

DWA Commerce empowers you to manage your demand across all sales channels from a single console. Advanced Order Management to manage the complete life cycle of your orders - Sales Order, Purchase Orders as well as Returns
Purchase Order
Go beyound sales order and manage product, raw material purchases. DWA can also generage you PO automatically for dropship orders and approved requirements
Sales Order
Manage your demand across all sales channels including eCommerce, Retail Store, call center from a single console.
Better utilize your resources by planning and managing your picking process, and reduce the time / effort spend on the process
Manage single as well as multiple packages for a consignment; track what's packed in each packages
Be aware of all your shipments : outgoing shipments as well as incoming shipments
Manage and track customer returns as well as exchange requrests
Requests & Quotes
Customers love negotiating prices, specially when they are buying in bulk. Delight them by giving them the ability to request special pricing