Enterprise Class Business Management Platform

Distribution Network

Optimize inventory across your distribution network, minimize stock holding and handling costs

DWA Commerce : Distribution Network gives you real-time information about sales and inventory across your distribution network. It helps you cross leverage inventory as well as helps you plan your inventory replenishment, thus optimizing your investments in stock...

Realtime Updates

Know what is selling, what is not selling and where
DWA Commerce give you real-time information of sales and inventory across your sales / distribution network. This gives your insights into what products are selling in which geographies and what's not; allowing you to optimally plan your inventory allocation.

Cross Leverage Inventory

Leverage inventory across stores and warehouse to fulfill customer orders
Say goodbye to "Out of Stock". DWA Commerce helps you plan inventory replenishment well before you hit Out of Stock. In-case you still do, it helps you leverage inventory across stores and fulfill customer orders

No more "Dead Stocks"

Ensure that stocks get consumed before they reach end of life
DWA Commerce help you identify and move stocks from stores where it's not selling to where its' in demand. DWA Commerce also helps you identify stocks and plan ahead for the consumption of stocks nearing end of shelf file.