Enterprise Class Business Management Platform

Why DWA Commerce

Single Yet Comprehensive Solution

Everything you need to run and manage your business smoothly
DWA Commerce is a quite comprehensive solution that allows customers to run and manage most business functions (both customer facing channels as well as back-end operation) from a single solution

Take Prompt Decisions

Get the critical information you need to respond to changing market conditions on a click of a button
Business needs to take decisions based on data adapt to the ever changing market conditions. With DWA Commerce business don't have to deal with diverse systems to get data which can take precious time - it's available on simple click of a button.

Get AHEAD of Competition

Expand your business horizon and take informed decisions instantaneously.
DWA Commerce empowers you to sell across sales channels : Offline, Online, mobile as well as Voice; help you manage all aspects of business thus improving your operational efficiency and reduce operational cost. It gives you real time information on your business that helps you take informed business decisions promptly.

Optimize Business Operations

With increasing cost and shrinking margins, optimizing operations cost is the key to success.
DWA Commerce helps you automate business process,implements better check and balances; gives you better visibility, control over business operations. This helps reduce reduces human error, wastage, losses & pilferage; makes operations teams more effective and efficient.

Scalable & Robust

Solution that can scale to match your business growth from startup to a large enterprise.
Shift in IT soltuion can cost business specially when scaling up. But with DWA Commerce you are assured to get the support need while scaling up; be it scaling from a few transaction a day to millions of transactions; expand from selling on single channel to multiple channels across geographies.

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