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Apart from selling through the various channels, DWA Commerce also allows you to manage critical process of your business from the same platform like product purchases, inventory procurement as well as planning, accounts payable, accounts receivable, taxation, customer, suppliers & vendors, and a lot more. This gives you complete control and insight into all aspects of your business.


Engage customers with consistent, rich product content across every customer touch point of the business.

Search Engine Optimization

Order Lifecycle Management

Capture and Manage the full life cycle of your multi-channel demand from sources like eCommerce website, telesales, brick and mortar sales & purchases.

Inventory & Warehouse Management

Don't just select or manage the inventory, get complete control and visibility of your Inventory across locations. DWA Commerce also helps you optimize the ...

Customer Relationship Management

Enable higher levels of customer engagement, loyalty, and revenue to lower costs and smarter customer-facing activities. Go beyond customers..

Accounting & Taxation

Knowing your numbers right is key to running a successful business. DWA Commerce give  you a precise view of the business's exact financial ..

SEO, Marketing and Digital Marketing

DWA Commerce offers you a host of marketing tools that not only help you attract and covert prospects to customers; it also offers several tools that help

OmniChannel Retail Management

Improve customer satisfaction by integrating all retail touch points and extending a consistent shopping experience across all your sales channels

Website Management

Manage your website content like product information, product image, advertisements and banners though an easy to use interface.

Direct to Consumer and Beyond

Apart from selling through the various channels, DWA Commerce also allows you to manage critical process of your business


Choose a platform that can scale to match your business growth; from handling a few orders a day to thousands of orders a day.


A platform that's optimized for performance; even the entry level package can handle over hundred page hits per minute.


A tightly secured environment that lets you decide who can do what in the system; also track who is doing what in the systems


While DWA Commerce is a offered as a product, it is completely flexible. It can be tailored to meet your business specific needs.

Dedicated Infrastructure

With DWA Commerce, you gets a Dedicated Cloud Server Instance for your solutions even in the entry level package.

Completely Managed

Continue to do what you do best : Run & Manage your Business, while we manage everything on the IT side.

Enterprise Class Solution

Enterprises are complex organizations, often spanning multiple geographies, cultures legal authorities; multiple sales channels, stores as well as warehouse. Solutions handling them in Silos can significantly add to cost, while decline in productivity and risk of loss of information. DWA Commerce offers you a consolidated solutions that can empower you to manage Large Scale Enterprises; helping them optimize their operations across the enterprise as well as give them the agility to rapidly respond to changing business environment.

That said DWA Commerce is equally efficient in managing Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) as well as Startups.

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